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In the last rays of Indian summer we decided to breathe new colours into Javorina. We all long to capture these warm moments so that they can be a permanent part of our homes, energizing and inspiring us. Colours can stir all the senses and awaken emotions that uplift us in our everyday lives.

Each of the sensitively blended shades of Sage, Limestone, Clay, Citrine, Serenity and Scarlet have their own distinctive charge, but all have one thing in common: they can illuminate the beauty of the solid oak wood that is our domain. They create a harmony, especially with the natural shade, which does not overshadow but rather enhances its uniqueness.  Thanks to its purity and tranquility, any interior can freely transform into a painter's canvas just waiting to be touched with a brush.

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The chair LOPA, the FORCONE coat rack a the DESK table drawers are now available in 6 new colours that can become a subtle, playful or bold addition to a sophisticated interior.