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How to place a bed correctly?


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Whether you are remodeling your existing bedroom, thinking about buying a new bed, or moving into a new home, deciding where to put your bed can be simple, but not always right. 

There are several factors that can affect the quality of your sleep, in addition to the quality of your bed. And why do we consider it necessary to address this topic at all? The bedroom is a sanctuary of rest, and the bed is probably the most important part of your home. In this article, you will learn how to place your bed properly.

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Positioning the bed according to design standards

Interior designers recommend placing the bed according to the size and proportions of the bedroom. If the floor plan is square, then it is best to place the bed on the center axis. But what if the bedroom is a rectangle? Then it's best to divide the room into zones, with the bed placed in one zone and a chair and table in the other, for example.

It is also customary in interior design that the end of the bed is always closer to the door than the headboard by its positioning. Thus, when you enter the room, you are closer to the end of the bed than to the headboard. It is also important that you have a sufficient space/corridor around the bed of at least 75 cm.

Interior design standards are also intertwined with psychology. From this perspective, it is necessary for a person to sleep in a safe place. The feeling of safety can also be influenced by the design of the bed itself, e.g. the rounded headboard of a SOFT bed creates a feeling of safety, therefore sleeping in such a bed can be more comfortable than in a bed without a rounded headboard. 

If we consider the bedroom, we need to put emphasis on the windows and doors. This means that it is important to keep the bed away from the door, while ensuring that the door is visible from the sleeping position. However, if there is a window in the room, you should be able to see both the door and the window at the same time from the bed.  If you are blessed with a panoramic view in your bedroom, definitely direct the view from the bed towards it, as it is known to be able to improve mood - says renowned interior designer Philippa Thorp.

Sometimes location is simply a matter of pragmatism

Tip 1 - Placing the bed in the middle of the wall, perpendicular to the door, often works well for small bedrooms. Perpendicular lines intersect at a 90-degree angle, which means placing the head of the bed against one of the two side walls in the room. Then, when the door opens, it swings open toward the side of the bed. This placement will ensure that you have space for bedside tables on either side of the bed and plenty of room to walk around the bedroom. 

The ideal choice for this type of bed is the TERRA double bed, which you can already get with designer bedside tables, or the TATRAN double bed, whose headboard fits perfectly with the bedside tables. We offer these beds with or without bedside tables as standard.

Tip 2 - Placing the bed off-centre with the headboard against the wall opposite the door is a popular option for both large and small rooms. This placement allows a larger piece of furniture such as a wardrobe or bookcase to fill a larger space on the more exposed side of the wall, which is often more practical.  A suitable piece for spacious rooms are the Javorina ULTRA 120 bookcases. They don't visually detract from the size of the bedroom, on the contrary, they add a feeling of airiness.

Tip 3 - According to LIVING COZY, the position facing the door allows for a symmetrical arrangement with matching nightstands on either side of the bed, which can make it easier to place home decor (such as artwork above the bed). And since your bed is the focal point of the room, it makes sense to place it in the centre.

Tip 4 - Single beds. In this type of scheme, for example a children's room, you need to make use of every centimeter of space by placing twin beds against opposite walls. This also creates a widening effect that makes the most of the room's proportions. Place a bedside table or bedroom storage unit between them to further define the space. The AIRA single bed is a space-saving option that will fit into even the smallest room.

Feng shui theory in furniture placement

Feng shui is the rules of geomancy, which take into account spatial relationships and the flow of life energy in them. It is the doctrine of harmony of life and living, and its use for the benefit of man. These are ancient Chinese rules that are used in today's modern world, especially in the design of interiors and gardens. However, this theory of furniture placement has no scientific basis, rather it is based on common knowledge, but given the amount of information available, it is worth mentioning.

One of the most well-known recommendations is not to have a mirror placed opposite the bed. At night, different shadows and shapes can be reflected in the mirror, and this can sometimes be quite frightening. 

Furthermore, according to Feng Shui, the bed should be turned so that your head is facing north. It is also recommended to tuck the bed against the main wall of the bedroom. However, this may not always suit your sleep, especially if there is a water pipe running through the wall. It is also said that if you sleep with your head facing south, you may suffer from night waking. A west-facing head can ensure you sleep rough, this side of the world is said to encourage laziness.

The golden rules for bed placement:

  1. You should have a good view of the bedroom door from the bed.
  2. Place the headboard of the bed against the main wall.
  3. Find the right place according to the cardinal directions.
  4. Use the energy of natural light and place the bed facing the window.

What to avoid so that our sleep is 100%

  1. Empty space behind the headboard
  2. The window behind the headboard
  3. Shelves above the bed, as they can create a feeling of confinement 
  4. The presence of mirrors opposite the bed
  5. Sleeping with your feet facing directly towards the door