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Christmas decorations and especially decorating the Christmas table turn an ordinary dining table into a Christmas miracle Every detail has the potential to create an atmosphere of warmth, love and joy. How to set the festive table to make it festive, light and elegant?

1. The dining table as an ornament

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At the beginning of the decoration stands an empty table, which can be round like table XX or square or oval, smaller or larger. The key is to think about how many people you're setting the table for, how much space you need for plates and cutlery and how much is left for decorations. It's a shame to cover wooden tables with a tablecloth. Let their natural beauty shine through and use smaller place settings.Know that the decorations can be not only the table itself, but also the dishes and tableware served.

2. Choose a colour scheme

The advantage of solid wood tables is their versatility. Wood is a natural material that can be combined with any colour palette. You can complement natural decorations dominated by earthier colours with bolder colour accents. The overall impression remains balanced and tasteful.

American designer Shea McGee has summarised a useful guide on how to decorate a Christmas tree in three simple steps on her blog.

3. Natural decoration 

Natural decorations are the ideal choice for the Christmas table. They are not only beautiful, but also sustainable and fragrant. By using natural materials, we save the environment and at the same time contribute to creating a pleasant and cosy atmosphere.

As natural decorations you can use:

  • Christmas greenery - branches of conifers such as pine, spruce or fir, but also other types of greenery such as eucalyptus, birch, beech or moss. 
  • Dried fruits such as pine cones, acorns, boxwood or apples will add a rustic touch to your table.
  • Beeswax candles

Cut flowers or Christmas roses can also be placed on the Christmas table. These little details will help create a truly charming result.

Here are some specific tips on how to create natural Christmas decorations that are also sustainable:

  • Use self-made ornaments instead of store-bought ones. For example, you can make a Christmas wreath from conifer branches or a wreath from dried berries. This allows you to be creative and create unique decorations that reflect your personality. 
  • Keep the number of decorations to a minimum. Too many decorations can look cluttered and uninviting. Instead, focus on a few high quality decorations that will be distinctive
  • Place decorations so they don't take up too much space. Small decorations are lighter and less maintenance intensive. You can place them on the table, in vases or on candle holders.
  • Use natural colours that are elegant and timeless. Choose colours that are in keeping with the overall style of your home.

4. Selection of cutlery

The main element is the place setting, which is in itself a decoration. You can use seasonal plates, glasses and cutlery. Don't be afraid of gold, rose gold, copper or silver and choose older interesting pieces too. Gold goes with warmer shades of your colours (e.g. red), while silver is more suited to cooler colours (blue). Once the crockery is placed, complement the table with decorations, flowers or fruit. However, make sure they are not too tall so that they don't obstruct anyone's view.

5. Candlesticks, candles and lights

Candles in Christmas candle holders will also add charm and cosiness to your decor. Choose whether you want one central candle (ikebana) or more candles on a pretty candle holder, or arranged individually. Don't forget to put a napkin underneath them so the wax doesn't stain your Christmas table. You can also use small lighted ornaments to light up the twigs.

6. JAVORINA dining with ease 

Dining in a minimalist style will always look elegant and timeless. In this case, less is more. Work with wood, wooden trays or coasters, their minimalism will let what you put on them stand out.

The LEAF serving plate or the SCENIO bowl bring a real touch of nature to your table.You can replace paper napkins with cloth or linen ones, which you can decorate with jute string, cinnamon or holly. A few drops of essential oil on the cone serve as a natural diffuser. With a little creativity, you can create a beautiful and sustainable Christmas decoration that will adorn your home throughout the festive season. 

But remember that the most beautiful decorations are the people sitting around the festive table.