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Petr Rokůsek is the new owner of the Slovak furniture manufacturer Javorina

Visionary and founder of technology firm Nano Energies wants to take furniture brand sustainably to new markets in Europe

Prague, 28 June 2022 - Czech entrepreneur Petr Rokůsek became the new 100% owner of traditional Slovak designer furniture manufacturer Javorina at the end of June. The visionary and founder of Nano Energies and other business projects in the field of sustainability has reached an agreement with the previous owner, the Czech investment group Premium Design Group (PDG), and Javorina will move into the portfolio of his impact investment fund BlueLight.li AG."I invested in Javorina, a solid wood manufacturer in the Tatra Mountains, because I believe that quality furniture that lasts for generations is the greatest appreciation of the life of a tree. Leo Čellár, Slavomír Alžbetkin and the entire Javorina team have built for tremendous quality. I have experienced this first-hand - for many years now I have slept in a Javorina bed, eaten breakfast on a Javorina table and lived in a living room with a Javorina bookcase and chest of drawers," described Petr Rokůsek. "There is a huge amount of fortel in this brand - from the woodworking itself to the most precise CNC art. I plan to integrate innovations built on robotics into this system, and I also want to build a system of decentralised production units across Europe so that it can always be made from quality local raw materials and as close to where the customer lives as possible."Javorina currently employs 84 people and is a traditional Slovak producer of solid oak furniture with a seventy-five year tradition of production in Spišská Bela, in the sub-Slovak region. The company obtains its material from local sources and processes it in an almost closed production cycle. The main components of the product range, which is offered not only in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and France, are beds and tables, as well as chests of drawers, bookcases, seating furniture and solitaires made by 3D shaping of solid oak wood.In the field of design Javorina collaborates with authors such as Lucie Koldová, Vrtiška & Žák or Tomáš Král. The author of the vast majority of the products is in-house designer and long-time chairman of the company Le Čellár: "I see the stage of Petr Rokůsk as a chance to expand JavorinaV forward to new technologies and modernization. While Javorina is partly based on craftsmanship and worker skill, getting new skilled labour is still a challenge and new technologies can give us high precision, flexibility and the ability to produce products that cannot be made using traditional methods.""I see the entry of a new owner into Javorina as an opportunity to adapt it to new trends and add something progressive to our tradition-respecting production," adds current Javorina director Slavomir Alzbetkin.The traditional Slovak oak furniture manufacturer, which recorded a turnover of €3.3 million in 2021, has fallen under the Czech investment group Premium Design Group (PDG), which focuses on luxury interior design products, in recent years. "With the change in its strategy, Premium Design Group is selling Javorina. The key for us was to find an experienced investor with a builder's appetite and a goal to develop the company further. The planned change and the intention of the new owner clearly open up new opportunities for Javorina in terms of strategic growth and progression at all levels of the business," explains PDG's Managing Director Kateřina Výmolová.

Petr Rokůsek

Petr Rokůsek is a visionary in the field of sustainable economy and modern energy. Through his many years of entrepreneurship, he shows how nature and technology can be cleverly combined. In 2008, he founded Nano Energies, a joint stock company which, through its divisions, trades electricity sustainably and brings companies and ordinary users the opportunity to manage electricity efficiently and responsibly. With a team of experts, he is currently focusing on researching and testing energy sharing and aggregation options.Petr started his entrepreneurial journey while studying environmental science at CTU, when he and a Dutch business partner founded the successful company Jansen Display, which he sold to the American company Sign-Zone in 2018. The other companies he co-founded also use sustainable natural resources and materials. He currently lives in Liechtenstein and spends his working week alternating between Switzerland and the Czech Republic developing innovations in modern energy, blockchain technology and decentralised manufacturing. He also founded the investment fund Bluelight.li AG, which focuses on business investments with a positive impact on life on Earth and enjoys meeting and collaborating with like-minded investors and funds.