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Two years ago, we embarked on a journey full of expectations, driven by visions of innovation, foreign expansion, and digital transformation. We perceive the past formative period as the rebirth of JAVORINA. This process resulted in a sensitive visual identity and new ways of presenting products, which we now introduce through a freshly launched website.

The visual identity is just one part of the overall transformation, within which we have implemented a new production management system, planned entry into new markets, and targeted new audience segments. We are adapting our strategic communication to these long-term goals, focusing much more on online.

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"The new website brings a range of tools such as configurators, 3D product models, and augmented reality displays, allowing you to place the furniture directly in your home. The goal of these features is to provide the customer with comfort and a sense of certainty, approaching the experience of showroom shopping," says marketing director Tadeáš Bělík about the shift in online product and brand presentation.

Part of Javorina's renaissance is the expansion of the portfolio with new product lines within the concept of a 360° household, which will include a home gym or a children's room. "We focus all innovations sensitively on the needs of the customer, who, together with us and in harmony with nature, creates the future of a fulfilled home," adds Petr Rokůsek, owner and CEO of Javorina.

Identity Full of Contrasts

The new face combines softness and technological skill, which are the essence of our lightweight massive furniture. "The main challenge was to embody the emotion of oak wood into the new identity and shift it into the context of technological innovations without losing its kindness and closeness," adds creative director Kristýna Jankovcová.

The product itself, which excels in purity and refined details, both in construction and design, became the source of inspiration. On this theme, a cycle of visuals by photographer Salim Issa was created. The product photos show the furniture from an unusual perspective, revealing the joints and grinds of the oak torso in their monumentality, creating abstract landscapes.

The motif of the wavy horizon, referring to the Tatra foothills, is reflected in the key graphic elements. A thin organic line symbolizes historical continuity and the lightness of design connected to the breath of nature. The concept was created by graphic designer Anna Issa Šotolová, who gave the logo a new form and brought playful sophisticated typography to Javorina. Together with the graphic studio Ginger&Fred, they are behind the design of the new website, which was created in collaboration with the UI42 agency.

Legacy Carved into Wood

The new logo, freed from the circular stamp, focuses on the brand name itself in the typeface BC Figural Grand from the 1940s. The font's author is Czech typographic legend Oldřich Menhart, who also created woodcuts. Experience with the material is reflected in the curves of each letter, becoming the source of subtle irregularities that give the font vitality and a craft heritage.

The supplementary font is the airy Atyp by contemporary typographer Tomáš Brousil. Its clean geometry and technical character, in dialogue with the historical Figural, reflect the blending of tradition and innovation that mirrors the brand's transformation.