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The theme of this year's Designblok (forest) in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of Javorina describes the symbolic milestone at which the established brand finds itself. Aware of its commitment to history and the legacy that has grown with our forests for three quarters of a century, the Slovak solid furniture manufacturer is entering a new era.

The Javorina exhibition conceives of the forest as a landscape of unbridled imagination, teetering on the border between dream and reality. The author of the concept, Pavel Kříž, was inspired by the aesthetics of digital landscapes. So-called "dreamscapes" allow for borderless design, and this idea meets the mood in which a new vision of Javorina's future takes shape."We want to offer visitors to Designblok an emotional experience and take them out of reality for a while by letting them enter a dreamscape that they can perceive with all their senses. For us, the forest is a magical place that allows us to develop our imagination, create, stop and contemplate. It evokes in us an emotion that is life-giving and unmistakable. We want to work with this emotion in Javorina", adds the newly appointed art director Pavel Kříž.The dream concept that Javorina comes up with evokes that the idea of the brand is not only to make a product from wood that we bring from nature into our existing homes, but through our imagination we create a completely new environment for it with a unique story."With respect for the nature from which our material comes, we give it a second life in our production. In the same way, with a new team, we would like to offer Javorina a second life and open it up to new possibilities", concludes Petr Rokůsek, the new owner of the company.The new landscape will also be inhabited by new products such as the Soft bed, which combines an upholstered headboard with an oak frame in an original way, and the innovative Juro collection of seating furniture inspired by the iconic hat of the Slovak national hero.One of Javorina's basic principles is responsibility towards nature - the entire installation will thus be recycled, whether for use in other projects or as part of RE-USE centres.Javorina exhibition no. xx.xx is located in the Superstudio space (Gabriel Loci, Holečkova 106/10, Prague 5).

True to our roots

Wood speaks its own language. For 75 years, people creating under the Javorina brand have been listening to it and uncovering the stories of trees through its drawings. Stories written by Slovak nature, rough and beautiful, materialized in oak furniture, which this brand creates with respect for the landscape, the craft of man and his creativity.Nowadays, the Slovak furniture brand is one of the top European brands and each piece of Javorina solid furniture is a hand-crafted unique piece made from the wood of Slovak oaks. As majestic and durable as the trees themselves.Javorina offers complete interior furnishing, the core of the range is represented by beds, tables, chairs, bookcases, chests of drawers, as well as furniture solitaires.