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In the world of interior design, the bed is an essential element that affects not only the look of the bedroom, but more importantly our comfort and quality of sleep. If you are looking for a bed that combines the beauty of solid wood with great design, we have some interesting options for you to choose from. At Javorina, we have decades of experience in manufacturing solid oak beds, so we have created an unmistakable collection where anyone who loves a good night's sleep combined with natural materials can truly choose their perfect bed.

Bed "SOFT" - This unique bed combines softness and minimalism. Its solid oak frame with integrated grid and sophisticated upholstery add elegance and comfort to the bedroom. In addition, it is a bed with a single "eared" construction that brings a sense of security and allows you to read a book before bed without worry. The Soft is suitable for one large mattress, making it ideal for those who want to enjoy the high comfort of a double bed. The bed also fits in an open plan space and is beautiful from the back. It was recently nominated for the German Design Awards 2024 for its unmistakable design. We recommend it to complement the XX tables from the Lucie Koldova collection.

"TERRA" - If you are looking for a solid construction combined with a retro 60s style, the "Terra" bed is the one for you. Its back headboard is aesthetically pleasing even in an open space and it is possible to choose a variant without a headboard. This bed goes perfectly with the entire TERRA collection, but also with the "ULTRA" bookcases, for example. Its ergonomically designed headboard and bedside tables that can be placed on the wall or on skids are other unique features of this bed.

"Tatran" - Inspired by traditional Tatra shingle roofs by designers Boris Klimek and Lenka Damova, this bed has a distinctive and dominant look. The bevelled frame and bedside tables that emerge from the headboard bring a modern reference to the characteristic Slovak mountain architecture into the bedroom. The "Tatran" bed looks as if it is levitating, thanks to the stainless steel cladding of the base it is also practical for cleaning. In addition, the plinth offers the possibility of adding storage space with the use of hinged grates.

"AIRA" - If you are looking for a space-saving bed with a modern and minimalist design, "Aira" is a great choice. With a thin frame that minimizes material, this bed allows you to move around without worrying about tripping over it. Its tall frame and straight headboard give the bedroom a modern and subtle look. Add "levitating" nightstands and refined upholstery with subtle stitching for a unique and finely detailed bed. It's also our highest bed, making it supremely comfortable to get up in. We also offer this bed as a single bed for children's rooms and guest rooms.

All of these beds are made from certified Slovak oak and treated with natural oils, ensuring their durability and natural beauty. Each of these beds brings its own character and design that can perfectly complement your bedroom.

When choosing the ideal bed, it is important to consider not only the look, but also your individual needs and preferences. Consider the size of the bed, the comfort of the mattress, ergonomics, and also how the bed will fit in with the other elements in your bedroom. Be sure to also take advantage of the expert advice and experience of retailers to help you choose the right bed for your home. We are happy to advise you both at our showrooms in Bratislava and Prague and online.

Solid wood beds with exquisite design bring natural beauty and long-lasting quality to your bedroom. Whether you opt for a "SOFT", "TERRA", "TATRAN" or "AIRA" bed, you'll get an elegant and stylish piece of furniture that will create an unforgettable atmosphere in any of your sleeping adventures.