The manufacturing process and design of our furniture has been developed over decades with respect for nature and its resources. The living wildness of solid oak presents a challenge that shapes our technology and motivates us to continually improve it. We nurture the original emotion of the material so that it resonates with equal force in the final product.

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European oak is a premium quality raw material. Oak wood is very strong, flexible and durable. It is easy to work, but difficult to dry and therefore quite expensive. Its aesthetic advantages are its harmonious appearance and variation in pattern. The uniqueness of each tree is reflected in the individual pieces of furniture, which have their original appearance and character depending on the conditions in which the tree grew.


Oak products are treated with natural-based products that let the beauty of the solid wood shine through. These include linseed oil and natural wax. The colour appearance of non-natural products is achieved by oiling with pigment (or steaming in the case of dark shades). We offer our oak furniture in several colours - natural, light or dark shades. The natural finish allows for easy maintenance and home care.

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