We accompany our products every step of the way, and we care about making sure their move to their new home goes smoothly. The transport, delivery and assembly of solid wood furniture is therefore handled directly by the experienced professionals from the JAVORINA team.

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Carefree journey to your new home

As part of the transport, you can choose the option of a delivery in front of the first locked door, with you arranging the delivery and installation yourself. Alternatively, we offer a complete service that provides delivery and professional installation by our team in addition to transport. We always communicate with you in advance about the date and time of delivery and are ready to discuss your individual requirements in advance.


Safe and gentle handling

After all, oak furniture has its own weight, so we are happy to take care of the delivery to the installation site. For a smooth unloading process, we will ask you to arrange parking outside the entrance. Please inform us in advance of any problem areas such as narrow doors or staircases. We will provide you with a lift to the 2nd floor at the basic rate. From higher floors upwards, we will charge for delivery according to the current price list.


Professional assembly of solid wood furniture

We are happy to provide professional assembly and expert assistance in placing your furniture in your new home. Please ensure sufficient handling space in the area where the assembly will take place prior to assembly.

All obstacles that could hinder the installation (e.g. skirting boards or built-in elements) must be removed from the space designated for your new JAVORINA furniture. Please also ensure that the selected area is thoroughly free of small stones and other debris that could cause scratches under the weight of the solid wood furniture.

If we are placing your furniture in front of a wall where you have electrical outlets and you wish to have them accessible, please inform us of this fact when placing your order. We will be happy to custom make a hole in the back of the cabinet for you to have these outlets accessible.


During the actual installation, we always carry out the drilling based on the client's instructions. Unfortunately, we cannot install hanging products in plasterboard without sufficient wall reinforcement. For your safety, all chests of drawers and bookcases with a base or on additional feet must be anchored into the wall.

Our fitters do not normally carry out moving services or removal of old furniture. If you require assistance with removal and disposal please inform us in advance. We are happy to accommodate your individual needs. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse installation in an unprepared space.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time via the contact form or phone +421 908 818 778.