We are an innovative brand dedicated to the production of design furniture made of solid oak. Since 1947, we have been cultivating the tradition of craftsmanship and developing values connected to the breath of nature.

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Driven by curiosity and sensitivity to the changing needs of the modern home, we invest our efforts in exploring new avenues in technology, design and customer care. Through innovative practices and a deep knowledge of premium raw materials, we translate the strength and finesse of oak wood into lightweight, functional design. We pride ourselves on working with leading designers from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and abroad.

We have a history of taking care of the quality of our products by accompanying them every step of the way: from the selection of raw material from local forests, through its drying and complex production process, to the professional assembly of the furniture in the new home. Both production and product design mirror the needs of the most demanding customers while fulfilling the ideas of responsible business by processing only certified wood, closed production cycle and product longevity.

Over the years we have established ourselves as one of the leading European manufacturers in the premium designer furniture segment, as confirmed by numerous awards on the domestic and international scene.

We believe that our journey will elevate the future shape of our homes and fill them with lightness and kindness.

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