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Roman Vrtiška & Vladimír Žák graduated together from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, they became part of an emerging generation of Czech designers with a wide range of creative interests. They work on projects in the field of architecture, product and graphic design. For example, they designed the HŘIB tables for Javorina, which helped the company win a nomination for the Czech Grand Design Award in 2018.

They have also created a range of designs from the VETVA shelves to the timeless LUNA clock to the daunting task of designing their own chairs.

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Chair with Cushion

The elegant execution of the TUBA & LOPA design earned Javorina the award for Best Furniture Collection at Designblok in 2019. For both models, the creative duo aimed for a simple functional chair with a contemporary expression. Despite the myriad of design demands placed on the seating furniture, a clean design was achieved that celebrates Javorina's technological prowess. With no screws or visible joints, the perfect sophistication of the recessed detail of the leg or backrest stands out, along with the undisturbed beauty of the solid wood.