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Wooden pethouse

Imagine a place where your furry friend feels like the king or queen of their own little kingdom - a place where design and comfort blend so perfectly that you wish you were in their shoes. BUDDY pet kennels are just that place. Made with a love of the outdoors and attention to detail from solid oak wood, these kennels are a great addition to your décor while giving your four-legged friend their own stylish corner.


4 to 6 weeks

Price Includes:
5 years warranty
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  • Materials

    European oak, chosen for its strength and longevity, is at the heart of our production, where we ensure exceptional quality through careful selection of raw materials, in-house drying and subsequent processing over several months. The emphasis on using the best parts of the tree allows each product to be a unique masterpiece.

  • Characteristics
    • gentle rounded lines provide a simple yet elegant square design
    • ideal for cats or dogs
    • the detachable lid held on by magnets ensures easy access and cleaning
    • the 17.5 to 47.5cm entrance height allows easy access for your pet, while the small overhang is ideal for dogs, the larger one suits cats who like height
    • the 4 cm thick rounded legs give the box a stable base and also contribute to its aesthetic appearance
    • oiled finish for increased durability and easy maintenance, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality
  • Maintenance and Care

    For regular cleaning and care, we recommend wiping the furniture with a dry and soft cotton cloth. Microfiber cloths are not suitable for treating oiled surfaces because they affect the oiled surface like fine sandpaper. Lightly soiled surfaces can be treated with common preparations containing waxes and oils, e.g. Pronto for wood, when we follow the instructions on the product (it is important that the surface is subsequently wiped dry). Oiled surfaces do not provide as much protection against moisture and mechanical damage as lacquered ones. So, for example, when liquids or food are spilled, it is recommended to wipe off the dirt as soon as possible.


Something more

✓ 5 years warranty

Javorina has been guaranteeing quality for almost 80 years, which is why we offer an exceptional five-year warranty on all our products.

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The design has been focused on detail and functionality, which is reflected in the product features such as the easily detachable lid for easy access.  

Dušan Kočlík

designer image

Dušan Kočlík is a versatile Slovak designer with a wide professional scope ranging from furniture and interior design to teaching and journalism to exhibition curation. Since 2010, he has been an assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak Technical University, where he runs an independent studio for interior and furniture design. He is the head of the INSK research team, which focuses on interior design in Slovakia. Between 2016 and 2019, he has won numerous awards for the design and implementation of exhibition displays.

Whether your home is a modern loft or a cozy country house, the BUDDY kennel will not only become your pet's favorite spot, but also a stylish addition to your home.

  • How to care for furniture with an oiled finish?
    More details on how to care for your Javorina furniture can be found on the following page.
  • How is it with delivery and shipping?

    You can find Javorina furniture in the network of stores and partners listed on our website. Each authorized dealer has the goods available at the same retail price at their sales point. For orders over 25,000 CZK, transport, delivery up to the 2nd floor, and possible assembly are free of charge.

    Individual requirements and high standards of delivery and home assembly are a matter of individual consultation and offer. More information about these services can be found on this page or contact our dealers.

  • Where can I find 3D models?
    3D models are available after logging in for architects and interior designers within our Javorina PRO platform. You will always find the models with the respective product.
  • Is custom manufacturing possible?

    For larger orders and complex interior solutions, it is possible to manufacture custom products at the customer's request.

    Please consult our expert representatives for an individual approach and our solution possibilities.

    We usually prefer established standard goods and the Javorina range. The application of custom Javorina design to the created interior is subject to feasibility assessment. The diverse focus of Javorina has provided us with many opportunities to supply complete interior equipment for both residential buildings and commercial spaces in recent years.

  • How is the product assembly carried out?

    Products such as chests of drawers, chairs, and TV cabinets are delivered assembled. Beds, tables, and coffee tables are delivered unassembled. However, their assembly is very simple - usually only four screws are needed (see installation). The products are packed in five-layer paper carton with special corner protection.

    We are happy to arrange assembly and installation for you with our own professional team, who will take care of delivery, carrying, assembly, and of course cleaning up all the packaging and so on.

    Details can be found on the Transport, delivery and installation page