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DESK writing table / design Leo Čellár (sk)
LOPA chair / design Vrtiška & Žák (cz)

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The needs of the modern home are constantly evolving, and our demands for a quality home environment are increasing. The home office phenomenon in recent years has impacted the work lives of many people, who are increasingly aware that a comfortable, clean environment contributes to finding work-life balance. At JAVORINA, we are convinced that solid oak wood, much like nature itself, harmonizes our inner world and frees up space for new thoughts.

The DESK writing desk was designed with a vision of a universal functional workspace with storage space and smart details. The curved desk surface forms a clever barrier for items placed on the desk. A rounded groove for writing utensils and an optional integrated electrical outlet represent a design refined to the last detail. In combination with the internationally awarded LOPA chair (Winner of the Bigsee Wood Design 2022), it forms a perfect pair in the style of sophisticated retro. Like the desk drawers, we offer chairs in sensitively mixed shades: Sage, Limestone, Clay, Citrine, Serenity, and Scarlet, which complement the natural beauty of the solid oak.