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Dining Room XX

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XX dining table / design Lucie Koldová (cz)
LOPA chair / design Vrtiška & Žák (cz)
TUBA chair / design Vrtiška & Žák (cz)

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The dining room, crowned by the XX table, is a space of dancing forms, lights, and shadows. The thoughtful design bears witness to a caring household. The gentle torso of the solid oak table moves through the space with the lightness of a sculptural gesture. Despite its subtle appearance, the tabletop represents a robust structure, ensuring its adequate strength.

With the LOPA and TUBA chairs, the XX TABLE writes a color symphony. Colors ignite all senses and awaken emotions that uplift us in everyday life. Each sensitively mixed shade of JAVORINA: Sage, Limestone, Clay, Citrine, Serenity, and Scarlet, has its own distinctive charge, but all share one thing: they enhance the beauty of solid oak wood, which is our domain. Oak harmonizes more pronounced color elements in the interior and thanks to its simplicity, it combines well with other materials. In its presence, any interior can transform into a painter’s canvas.