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TATRAN bed / design Klimek & Damová (cz & sk)
TATRAN storage cabinet / design Klimek & Damová (cz & sk)
TIN TIN side table / design Leo Čellár (sk)

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The TATRAN collection design draws from the tension between these contrasts and the vibrant energy felt when looking at mountainous landscapes. Inspired by the typical roofs of sub-Tatra cottages and their durability and resilience, it originates from our deepest DNA. Pure geometry and technological precision transform it into a modern design that continues the historical continuity of craftsmanship in the region of Eastern Slovakia.

The TATRAN bed represents a masterful piece of furniture positioned at the center of the bedroom or a modern mountain apartment. Thanks to its cleverly hidden base, it gives an impression of levitation, giving the solid bed a light and almost futuristic appearance. Complemented by a spacious oak dresser TATRAN with similarly distinctive styling, it forms a stylish set. The collection can be harmoniously combined with other products from our portfolio.